Thursday, August 31, 2017

29days and 12 hours to go

Seeing this deadline in print reminds me of a Johnny Cash song "25 minutes to go". If you haven't heard it click the link to YouTube and enjoy. Speaking of YouTube, we have started a new channel "My Wrench Fetish Ny". With the help of the Angry Ginger Ben, we have a hell of a low budget playlist from the bottom of the automotive industry. Anyway some body has to have the question "Why the deadline". So years ago this challenge came up to bring some crappy cars to the last local show of the year to see how many people move their cars once we pull up. Surprisingly spectators had questions and general interest if we had or tetanus shots. This challenge is the same but involves new cars and less time to complete.

Today I knocked out the front brakes. Surprisingly it went pretty good with some sandblasting and some grease. Only snag was the caliper on one side broke the slider bolt. After hitting up my local advance auto and being told they have the bolt I needed at there hub store across town I headed across the street to AutoZone. Guess what.... same answer from them. Hub stores suck when the two different company's are across the street from each other on the other side of the city. Why not move one on the other side so if one screws you over you can get parts without spending an hour in the car.
So back at home I drilled and tapped a new hole and dug in the bolt bin to find this setup. A little paint and all id back together. New hoses on, a little blog work and I'm off to bed.
See you next time.

The Horse With No Name

Introducing #TheHorseWithNoName.

A Super Clean, low reverse mile "survivor" 1972 Gran torino sport. Ok, ok its not at all clean, no idea what kind of miles are on it, and survivor is an over statement!! What it is though is, Ugly, Rusty, missing a drivetrain, no brakes, no interior and who knows what it might need to get running.

The plan in to get it running, driving, stopping and dropping panties when it comes around. The last part is more of a pipe dream but the rest is doable. So far I've gutted the interior, pulled the seized driveline, pressure washed everything and made the list of needs and wants from hell.
Lets get this ball rolling!!

Saturday, August 26, 2017


"Hey there old friend"
So I gotta say I forgot this blog was here until the other day when someone brought it up and wanted some more content. Who reads this shit? I guess you do. Since last time I posted a lot has changed.
  • First off I was in a huge accident a couple months after my last post. We were outta state and I overshot a huge jump on a mtn bike at a resort, ate shit and Died. Came back to find a munched up body and a long recovery. Ill share that story later.
  • I finally built a huge barn!! Best thing ive ever done. That story will take a while so lets move on.
  • I met up with an old flame ( #HorseWithNoName) and now we live together. Well it lives in the barn cause of my wife, you know. This 72 Torino was loaded up on a trailer to be crushed when I intervened and now I'm working to get it rolling coal by time for the Hilton Apple fest this year (challenge was set and accepted)
  • My Ol Lady bought a 61 Merc Monterey named "Betsy Draper" that is essentially a new car. With 8300 Miles on the clock this thing is mint.... really.
  • We had to put or dog down last year (insert frown face) but scored when we found #Maverickthedog. He is a purebred Yellow dog (Rhodesian ridgeback /Yellow lab) and kicks ass. 
  • Just started a YouTube Channel called My Wrench Fetish N.Y.
  • I bought a 62 Falcon to turn into a gasser..... sold it a few months later.<--click it="" li="">
And probably a bunch more stuff but whatever. Stay posted I got a lot to get done and have been pressured into being more #socialmedia about it and I shall do my best, now buckle up this is gonna be fun.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Its been a minute

Damn Its been a while. I just found my password to Google and realized i haven't even viewed my blogs in a while. Sorry but i suck and will try better..... but not today, Im going Riding!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Carlisle/ York pt2

 After the Carlisle Madness we decided to head down to York Pa on Sunday for a street rod show that we've seen on the local Harrisburg new for years but never made it down. I guess we've been missing a great show all this time as this thing is huge! I have to say its efinatly smaller then Syracuse Nationals ( the biggest any were) but similar layout. As of a few years ago they started allowing newer cars in and its grown quite a bit.
 With led sleds to Gasser's and back to Boyd/Foose types this show has plenty to look at. they did bring in some vender's but after Carlisle i just wanted to look at non Mustang cars for a while.
 All in all it was a great couple shows and im ready for the Latta show here in rochester this weekend.
(sunday 6-10-12 .... be there)

Ford Carlisle / York Streetrod show 2012

----> Well i guess its Car show season around here again and its started off with the best. Evey year tons of old fords make their way down to a small town called Carlisle in the righteous state of Pa for a Ford only show. This year was dedicated to the late Carrol Shelby and produced tons of amazing Shelby's from all over. Along with the Shelby reunion they brought in plenty of ford 427 cars from big Galaxies to Gasser comets sporting the infamous Cammer engines. As usual the swap meet was packed with rare ford trinkets and even offer up a 61 Comet hood that we've been looking for. After the show on Saturday we made our way downtown for some grub and awaited the sea of mustangs to embark on the quite town in the form of a parade. Unfortunately i had the times wrong for the parade and we sat around for an hour before the sirens made their howl up the street. As they approached we had an up close and personal view of the new ford police vehicles as they lead one lone, nasty 2013 Shelby Mustang driving by some suits for ford and Shelby. As they made their way up the little main street you could hear these monsters growl and scream as they spun tires and scared kids off the curb. Even got to see a Ford Gt ($ 150,000 Car ) do a burnout in front of a cop as he cheered him on.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Roadie Flip and Grind

Today we talk about of to lower a Road Star for Free. Yup Free and it only took me thirty minutes and some basic tools. After looking at Barons lowering kit with the replacement knuckle i remembered something about flipping the stock one and making room for the spring to move. Ill add some pics later but here's the rundown:

  1. Jack the bike up. I used a floor jack under the frame and jacked it up till the rear wheel was just off the ground.
  2. As you lay on the floor you will see the shock, knuckle in the rear and a couple bars that run parallel to the shock and mount to the same bolt in the front.
  3. Remove the horn with a 10mm socket from the left side of the bike. 
  4. Remove the the 2 long bolts holding the knuckle to the swing arm and shock to frame.
  5. Slide the shock out and head to the work bench.
  6. Remove the knuckle from the shock completely and clean it pretty good (cause you may never touch it again)
  7. Lube the pins, flip the knuckle and install it back together with bottom of the shock first.
  8. At this point you wont be able to get the shock bolt into it as this is where the fun starts with the grinder. I used a beefy cutoff wheel and started with a notch at the point of contact to the spring base. Basically grind a little and test fit the bolt till it slides in and knuckle clears the spring. I like to smooth rough edges as this is were things tend to crack so i gave it a nice smooth radius and wire brushed it smooth.
  9. Bolt the whole assembly back to the bike using the stock bolts and washers and mount the horn.
  10. Your done... now bask in the glory of your FREE 2 inch drop!
Bonus steps only for the real gear heads:
  1. Open door to shop.
  2. Start bike and let it warm up for a minute.
  3. Sit on seat, pull in clutch, shift to first, hold front brake, twist throttle and dump the clutch.
  4. Note wife's look on her face through the smoke and be afraid!  
Before pic

After pic