Monday, December 14, 2009

"Budget" update.

-------> Ohhhhh Yeeaaahhh! Ive managed to slip away for a bit today and do some wrenchin. Unfortunately it all started with and upper ball joint on the '94 civic lx (commuter) wich I might say was a piece of cake. This mediocre act got my mouth watering and lead to some cutting, heating and bending up a sweet sissy bar for the back of the Kz "budget". After this I decided to remove the front brake lever, hose, caliper and rotor to create a smooth old school look. To my surprise, the chrome on the front wheel was great and I scrounged up a sweet headwinds headlight that was layin around. All in all it was pretty productive and I'm lookin forward to some more time to work on that sissy bar and make a headlight bracket.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Phil's '03 Kawasaki Z1000

------> What do you expect from the parts manager at your local bike shop? Maybe he's and old guy ridin an old '86 goldwing or a new Rebel 250 , but not in Charlotte N.C. This dedicated employee is rockin a sweet '03 Z1000, and when i say "rockin" i mean he's got 43,000 miles on it. Phil scooped this jewel up for cheap in fairly rough shape. The Z had some dents, rust, rash and was just plain dirty. These days he's got Dual Muzzy's, K+N filter, 2 up in the rear, Braided front brake lines, newly covered front and rear seats, new paint on the tins, windshield has been painted to match with some spikes holdin it on, sweet PSR Dagger levers, Booted the mirrors for some CRG barenders, Tag bracket and some new engine covers. If you've never ridden one of these let me tell you they are..... different. Kawasaki basically took its now extinct zx9 motor and revamped it and added some cc's along with fuel injection to make a smooth running, easy riding, upright street fighter.

KZ- "Cut It Down."

----->Got some wrench time on the Kz and it was pretty productive i must say. I started by removing the headlight and the ugly brackets that fit over the fork tubes. Piece of cake. Then i got the great idea to start cutting the frame down, first by removing the shocks then leveling the bike at the low height i was looking for. Some might say i went a little too low but i don't need a corner-carving sport bike type ride cause i have one of those. The idea is a Loud and Low rat bike that just gets ridden around town and maybe some burnouts. Anyway, I bent up some pipe and got to welding the new rigid back half. I think it looks pretty good but i have some decisions to make as far as the tank/fender/bars/seat go. Any feedback at this point would be great but ill figure it out.

This is one option. Its an old sporty tank, old schwinn bar and a stock XS650 front fender on the rear.

This pic is basically post cut and weld stage.

Monday, December 7, 2009

What consists of the "FLEET"

First off let me say "I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL MECHANIC"! You should not take me serious.... unless you want to.

OK back to business, i am basically planing to use the blog to showoff some wheels and talk some shoptalk and whatever, so hang on and enjoy the ride!

The following is a list and description of my personal fleet of cars and motorcycles and i urge anyone reading to submit your fleet for everyone to see and enjoy thanks!

  1. Sha-dub . 1994 Honda VT600 Shadow. This poor bike has been around the bock a few times. It can into my life when i worked at Britt Motorsports in Wilmington N.C. A young man had the bike and was looking for some parts to Finnish it off. Awhile later the guy came back and had an electric gremlin That left him stranded for the last time. Somehow a buddy of mine got it and i harassed him till he gave it up. By the time i got the bike it had apes, black primer, a rigid frame treatment,and would not run. For the next few weeks it got a wiring harness diet, a hand beaten seat ,air pods, handmade pipes and ten jets larger on the mains. Va la... she runs! Since then its been painted,new lights, sante pipes, drag bars, speedo,another seat and the list goes on.

  2. K.G.B ZX9R . 2000 Kawasaki Ninja ZX9r. I bought this bike at Britt Motorsports when i started back in 2003. It was a trade in from a older guy that dumped cash in it and never road it. The bike already had a full ti Muzzy exhaust,Muzzy timing advance, crazy high dollar billet mirrors and a Competition Works fender eliminator and some aftermarket signals. I'll cut it short and just say for now its been blown up, repaired, totaled, rebuilt , crashed, fixed, customized , wheelied to the moon and then retired to an occasional Harley racer ( shout out to Paulie ). KGB For LIFE! (shout out to John boy , BO, Crazy Eric and the Angel Of Death)

  3. Deer Slayer . 2007 Suzuki DR650 se . I bought this from a buddy in 2009 with no miles on it and within probably 400 mile hit a deer and rode away! This things my lucky charm. (thanks to Branden)

  4. Budget . 1979 Kawasaki KZ750 twin. Ohhhhh Yeahh. This is the " diamond in the rough".I bought this on Craigslist for $ 250 as a non running complete bike. After an hour of cleaning carbs and swapping some parts laying around in was running. Since then I've cut the back half off and gone rigid. Oh yeah and i splurged on a "STOP" Model A tail light for $35 on Ebay.

  5. Death Metal Starsky . 1972 Ford Torino coupe. My wife actually found this one in 2004 near my house in Wilmington N.C. for $500 . This car belonged to an old lady and had 80,000 miles on its bone stock 250ci in line six auto trans . Its gotten a full interior strip , 351 m , and a flat black/primer grey Starsky n Hutch stripe. Future plans include, installing the 351w , factory cobra scoop, new windshield , front bumper and taillights I've already bought.

  6. Betsy . 1973 Ford Ranchero 500 . Uncle Jimmy found this one in Whiteville N.C. From a cat name Wayne that for some reason has tons of old fords and parts ( my hero ). This car/truck is pretty clean and didn't need much more than a carb, wheel bearings, tie rods, steering wheel and distributor to get road worthy. Since then my lovely wife Carrie has claimed it as her " Rancho".

  7. Commuters . Our daily drivers as of today are a '07 Impreza ( wife claims its the best daily driver she has ever had), '98 Civic cx ( my hatch gets 42 mpg so don't get down on me), '95 Integra se ( my wife bought it but cant drive it so its my toy for now but its for sale!).