Thursday, December 10, 2009

Phil's '03 Kawasaki Z1000

------> What do you expect from the parts manager at your local bike shop? Maybe he's and old guy ridin an old '86 goldwing or a new Rebel 250 , but not in Charlotte N.C. This dedicated employee is rockin a sweet '03 Z1000, and when i say "rockin" i mean he's got 43,000 miles on it. Phil scooped this jewel up for cheap in fairly rough shape. The Z had some dents, rust, rash and was just plain dirty. These days he's got Dual Muzzy's, K+N filter, 2 up in the rear, Braided front brake lines, newly covered front and rear seats, new paint on the tins, windshield has been painted to match with some spikes holdin it on, sweet PSR Dagger levers, Booted the mirrors for some CRG barenders, Tag bracket and some new engine covers. If you've never ridden one of these let me tell you they are..... different. Kawasaki basically took its now extinct zx9 motor and revamped it and added some cc's along with fuel injection to make a smooth running, easy riding, upright street fighter.

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