Monday, December 14, 2009

"Budget" update.

-------> Ohhhhh Yeeaaahhh! Ive managed to slip away for a bit today and do some wrenchin. Unfortunately it all started with and upper ball joint on the '94 civic lx (commuter) wich I might say was a piece of cake. This mediocre act got my mouth watering and lead to some cutting, heating and bending up a sweet sissy bar for the back of the Kz "budget". After this I decided to remove the front brake lever, hose, caliper and rotor to create a smooth old school look. To my surprise, the chrome on the front wheel was great and I scrounged up a sweet headwinds headlight that was layin around. All in all it was pretty productive and I'm lookin forward to some more time to work on that sissy bar and make a headlight bracket.

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