Thursday, December 10, 2009

KZ- "Cut It Down."

----->Got some wrench time on the Kz and it was pretty productive i must say. I started by removing the headlight and the ugly brackets that fit over the fork tubes. Piece of cake. Then i got the great idea to start cutting the frame down, first by removing the shocks then leveling the bike at the low height i was looking for. Some might say i went a little too low but i don't need a corner-carving sport bike type ride cause i have one of those. The idea is a Loud and Low rat bike that just gets ridden around town and maybe some burnouts. Anyway, I bent up some pipe and got to welding the new rigid back half. I think it looks pretty good but i have some decisions to make as far as the tank/fender/bars/seat go. Any feedback at this point would be great but ill figure it out.

This is one option. Its an old sporty tank, old schwinn bar and a stock XS650 front fender on the rear.

This pic is basically post cut and weld stage.

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