Friday, November 5, 2010

Torino Update

--->New oil pan, another set of motor mounts and..... The motor is in the car! Headers are on and now ive hit a new road block call motovation. Here in western ny the days start getting shorter and so does my eagerness to get stuff done. The plow truck has a blown tranny line, my civic needs e-brake cables and tires swapped, all the vehicles need antifreeze flushed, oil changes, and the list goes on. What do you do when you just dont want to monkey with shit in the cold rain when its dark outside. So today i will divert to my primitave state and work on the shop downstairs and hopfully get my shit and all the other projects together.
--->In other news, the Ranchero got some new Shoes! We painted the stock steelies blue, found some stock Dog dishes and trim rings and last but not least....BF Goodies all the way around. Raised letters looking good and driving nice again.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stand Still

---> A few days ago i realized with a little help from a friend (Paul) that i was being a bitch and that i NEED to get this car moving so i decided this was the day to get it done. First off i was having one of those days that you just cant win meaning you set stuff down and ........Gone! "Cant find it? But its here somewhere. I just had it in my hand. What the HELL!" Any way this is how it went down....

  1. Load tranny into small trailer and drag to the drive way with the mower.
  2. Set bell houng bolts on the front fender of the car so i Wont loose them.
  3. Load the motor into the same small trailer and hook up lots of tiedowns so it doesnt roll out.
  4. Drag that up to the driveway.
  5. Drag the Cherrypicker up.
  6. Spend 20 min looking for missing sockets from set.
  7. Push the car back 8 ft by hand.
  8. Set motor down from trailer onto old car tire and prop the tranny up with floorjack to align torque converter.
  9. Check the shop,floor,driveway,grass,kitchen,porch for bellhousing bolts that i put on the fender before i started.
  10. SWEAR at everything and then notice the bolts sitting in broad daylight infront of me on the fender!
  11. Rotate motor till the splines on the torque converter line up and insert bolts.
  12. Jack the motor/tranny to the sky with the Cherrypicker and devise a plan to move this heavy combo to and in the car(equally heavy) in the dirt.
  13. Jack the motor even higher and push the car to it.
  14. Slowly release the valve in the Cherrtpicker and rotate the motor into its new home.
  15. Yay! it worked with a little tailshaft help from the floorjack.
  16. "Now just set it back and....."
  17. "BITCH!"
  18. The fancy Meldon oilpan does not fit the damn car...
----> Well it seems the oil pan is just too big so im stuck selling it and looking for a stock one to make it work so its gonna be another week till she gets touched. :-(

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Torino is on it's way.

Somehow one day last week started with a ton of stuff to do then fell apart. I was at the house, it was warm and i had nothing to do so i decided to remove the radiator and battery out of the Torino. One thing led to another and the motor was sitting on the ground the front of the car in the air.
next up.... GOODIES

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Torino Time

---> Its may now and i have been slacking with the torino project and its time to get moving. The other day i was at my buddy Pauls house helpin out with the motor change in the Chevelle when i got the erge to work on my own hotrod. So far i have the motor almost done. It's been cleaned, painted Blue, new gaskets all the way through, freeze plugs, lifters, heads have been ported, new fuel pump, finned valve covers and Billet HEI distributer. I have bought the motor mounts but still need headers, carb, alt/power steering brackets, radiator, and im sure lots more when i get down to it. So far this week i have moved the car over to the house so i can pull the 351m and finnish the engine bay (welding the heater filler panel and firewall misc holes) . I still need to install the shift kit in the tranny before the install.
---> The Deer slayer dr 650 has also gotten a two bros diffuser for the can and it works great. More power and a little quieter.........Sweet.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Deer Slayer "Getting it DONE"!

--->When i bought this bike i was a little dissapointed in the performance as it was a little slow and had no pull for a 650 cc dirtbike. I swear it road like a 350. A little while back i purchased a Two Bros slipon and the bike felt better but was running super lean and you could tell. After my recent trip to North Carolina i visited my buddies shop in Charlotte and picked up some goodies.

---->JET KIT. Phil was kind enough to get me a Dyno Jet stage two kit. The kit was a piece of cake to install and came with a nice taperd and noched needle along with a drill for the pilot jet and a few sizes of main jets. I put it on the 4th noch on the needle, turned the pilot 2 1/2 turns out and installed the 170 main jet (145 stock).

----> Stock choke cable. I also picked up a stock choke cable after i managed to rot the inner cable out for some resone. Once again piece of cake to install.

---->K+N Filter. I was searching for a BMC race filter but i guess they dont make one for this bike so i settled with the always good choice...K+N. Other then cleaning the oil out of the air box to adhear the foam filter gasket this only took a second to install .

----->Stock Dr 250 sm tail light. This was something i saw on another site and i think it looks great. The stock light on the bike was HUGE and was raised away from the fender while the 250 fender is flush like a woods type bike. Three screws and a couple plugs later it was on and working good. While i was at it i removed the mudflap and made up a tag bracket for a smoother look.

>>>> After all is said and done it was time to ride. Now let me tell you it was dark and late and a little dewy out side. No helmet, no jacket, no gloves but all excitement. As i pulled around the house in the grass it felt a little nervous as i was sideways but when i hit the driveway and all i could see were the leaves in the trees, i knew i made some good choices on performance. The Deer Slayer was alive and finally ran like it should. MEAN!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The "Deer Slayer" gets a new Voice.

----> Im gonna start this off by saying...." SWEEEET "!
----> Once upon a time a young ( ish ) man was scannin the web for porn and great deals when he stumbled across an exhaust on Ebay listed for a 1998-2005 dr 650. Would it fit? Sure what the hey. Brand new and 150 bucks off makes it worth a try so i bought it. The pipe showed up in the stock box and was acually in new condition. The Two bro's exhaust took about 10 min to install and dropped about 15-20 lbs! IT's light, loud and just plain sexy. SWEEEET!
----> Next up: Jet kit, filter, and some BLING.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Storage can be the "DEVIL"

----> You may remember this "beauty" as SHA-DUB but lately its been know as Home for spiders and dust. When I put her up in her new room I used Sta-Bil and hooked the battery up to the ol' trickle charger. Just recently the snow melted and I decided today was the day to do some stretches with the fleet, meaning start and run every single one of my motorized toys.
----> First off, the Torino. Dead battery..... always, no gas..... always, got it ...always. With all the bad she still fired with the jump box and some gas ( ran like a charm ). Second up is...Ranchero (aka Betsy). Three pumps of the pedal and VROOOOM! Nice and Easy. Acura....flat rear biggy. The DR 650 ..... SNAP! Apperenly the choke cable had some water sitting in it and rusted right through so with a manual choke stimulent (my hand) fired up and ran great, what can you expect from a bike with only 2500 miles. Z50 is always on top of the game and starts no matter what. Zx9 was a little bit of a drag. The battery has been trouble for a while now and was dead as my love for " Lady Ga GA". Jump box got the battery goin but soon flooded the plugs and took some monkeying to get running but all good. Last up in the " Running " fleet was SHA-DUB.
----> Im going to step back for a minute and disscuss a little bit about the SHA-DUB. This bike was ridden in N.C. as an almost Daily driver. When i moved to N.Y. a few years back i rode it a couple of times the first summer as it had N.C . tags still on it. Tags ran out and couldnt get it inspected so off the road she went. Tucked neatly in the basement shop she got some "adjustments" ans just sat. Back to today, as I when to start her I got no responce. No juice. After a fairly long time of sitting and tinkering I must have mixed up some wiring. CRACK, BAng, Rumble, rumble. I managed to get it running but not well as it was shooting flames and backfiring at mid RPM's. From past problems like this i figured the carbs were the problem.
- ----> Drop the tank.
----> Pull the carbs.

----> Pull the bowls.
----> Remove the pin for the float.
----> Remove the Primary jet along with the main jet.
----> The first thing i noticed was a little rust in the bowls which means i need to install a filter of some sort. Found all the jets had some blockage and cleaned everything.
----> Installed everything back together and it ran like a charm..

----> Oh yeah i forgot to mention that I decided to strip and prep the tank for a new paint scheme.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Glen

videoEvery fall hundreds of people head down to Walkins Glen New York ( yeah its on the NASCAR circuit ) to watch hundreds of vintage race , exotic , and club members cars drive along the original race course which wanders through the amazing countryside and town through the streets of the small lakefront town. This event is a blast, considering you can stand on the shoulder of the road and watch a Shelby Daytona Coupe with a bigblock cammer scream by you, or an Enzo howling at 12000 rpm leading a pair of Ford GT race spec monsters up hill! Can you say loud? If that's not enough, if you manage to get sick of all the cars and people you can head up to the Glen that is a park that was created by a glacier melting a million years ago and it shows in all the smooth rock walls that guide the stream.



............... Ive been there a few years in a row and it doesn't get old. One year my father in law ran into Vic Edelbrock! Yeah thats the guy that made your Intake, Fuel pump , Cam, and maybe even your Heads. He was cool and even signed his shirt (i still have no idea how managed to pic his Edelbrock shirt to wear that morning when he woke up).

............. To sum it up.....This event is a blast, you can ditch the ol' lady at one of the many shops on the main drag, go do a wine tour, or eat at MR. CHICKEN!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

.............Last summer my wife and I went to the Carlisle Ford show and was amazed by all the unique cars we found. Through all these cars one stood out like a huge lonely bull on an empty hill overlooking the whole show. As we crested the hill there it was relaxing with its owner's in all it's black on black beauty. At first glance it just looked seamless with its smooth Finnish along with the black grill and great chrome trim. Then it hit me ..... There's no marker lights, emblems, or door handles! The interior is black also and the custom fit black leather power bucket seats were originally from an SUV. Add in a custom wrapped leather dash along with lots of little tidbits. This beast even glides on an Air Ride Suspension. As i feed the ego of the owners ( an older couple ) i discover this jewel was purchased as a HAULER for there '53 Ford! They claim this Rancho is great on the highway, even when towing there 5200 lbs car. I just cant see it that this amazing car is nothing more than a mule, as I would most likely be a baby if i owned it and only drive it to shows or lightly around town.
.......... One Man's Trash Is Another Man's GOLD!!