Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Glen

videoEvery fall hundreds of people head down to Walkins Glen New York ( yeah its on the NASCAR circuit ) to watch hundreds of vintage race , exotic , and club members cars drive along the original race course which wanders through the amazing countryside and town through the streets of the small lakefront town. This event is a blast, considering you can stand on the shoulder of the road and watch a Shelby Daytona Coupe with a bigblock cammer scream by you, or an Enzo howling at 12000 rpm leading a pair of Ford GT race spec monsters up hill! Can you say loud? If that's not enough, if you manage to get sick of all the cars and people you can head up to the Glen that is a park that was created by a glacier melting a million years ago and it shows in all the smooth rock walls that guide the stream.



............... Ive been there a few years in a row and it doesn't get old. One year my father in law ran into Vic Edelbrock! Yeah thats the guy that made your Intake, Fuel pump , Cam, and maybe even your Heads. He was cool and even signed his shirt (i still have no idea how managed to pic his Edelbrock shirt to wear that morning when he woke up).

............. To sum it up.....This event is a blast, you can ditch the ol' lady at one of the many shops on the main drag, go do a wine tour, or eat at MR. CHICKEN!


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