Saturday, March 20, 2010

Storage can be the "DEVIL"

----> You may remember this "beauty" as SHA-DUB but lately its been know as Home for spiders and dust. When I put her up in her new room I used Sta-Bil and hooked the battery up to the ol' trickle charger. Just recently the snow melted and I decided today was the day to do some stretches with the fleet, meaning start and run every single one of my motorized toys.
----> First off, the Torino. Dead battery..... always, no gas..... always, got it ...always. With all the bad she still fired with the jump box and some gas ( ran like a charm ). Second up is...Ranchero (aka Betsy). Three pumps of the pedal and VROOOOM! Nice and Easy. Acura....flat rear biggy. The DR 650 ..... SNAP! Apperenly the choke cable had some water sitting in it and rusted right through so with a manual choke stimulent (my hand) fired up and ran great, what can you expect from a bike with only 2500 miles. Z50 is always on top of the game and starts no matter what. Zx9 was a little bit of a drag. The battery has been trouble for a while now and was dead as my love for " Lady Ga GA". Jump box got the battery goin but soon flooded the plugs and took some monkeying to get running but all good. Last up in the " Running " fleet was SHA-DUB.
----> Im going to step back for a minute and disscuss a little bit about the SHA-DUB. This bike was ridden in N.C. as an almost Daily driver. When i moved to N.Y. a few years back i rode it a couple of times the first summer as it had N.C . tags still on it. Tags ran out and couldnt get it inspected so off the road she went. Tucked neatly in the basement shop she got some "adjustments" ans just sat. Back to today, as I when to start her I got no responce. No juice. After a fairly long time of sitting and tinkering I must have mixed up some wiring. CRACK, BAng, Rumble, rumble. I managed to get it running but not well as it was shooting flames and backfiring at mid RPM's. From past problems like this i figured the carbs were the problem.
- ----> Drop the tank.
----> Pull the carbs.

----> Pull the bowls.
----> Remove the pin for the float.
----> Remove the Primary jet along with the main jet.
----> The first thing i noticed was a little rust in the bowls which means i need to install a filter of some sort. Found all the jets had some blockage and cleaned everything.
----> Installed everything back together and it ran like a charm..

----> Oh yeah i forgot to mention that I decided to strip and prep the tank for a new paint scheme.

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