Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Deer Slayer "Getting it DONE"!

--->When i bought this bike i was a little dissapointed in the performance as it was a little slow and had no pull for a 650 cc dirtbike. I swear it road like a 350. A little while back i purchased a Two Bros slipon and the bike felt better but was running super lean and you could tell. After my recent trip to North Carolina i visited my buddies shop in Charlotte and picked up some goodies.

---->JET KIT. Phil was kind enough to get me a Dyno Jet stage two kit. The kit was a piece of cake to install and came with a nice taperd and noched needle along with a drill for the pilot jet and a few sizes of main jets. I put it on the 4th noch on the needle, turned the pilot 2 1/2 turns out and installed the 170 main jet (145 stock).

----> Stock choke cable. I also picked up a stock choke cable after i managed to rot the inner cable out for some resone. Once again piece of cake to install.

---->K+N Filter. I was searching for a BMC race filter but i guess they dont make one for this bike so i settled with the always good choice...K+N. Other then cleaning the oil out of the air box to adhear the foam filter gasket this only took a second to install .

----->Stock Dr 250 sm tail light. This was something i saw on another site and i think it looks great. The stock light on the bike was HUGE and was raised away from the fender while the 250 fender is flush like a woods type bike. Three screws and a couple plugs later it was on and working good. While i was at it i removed the mudflap and made up a tag bracket for a smoother look.

>>>> After all is said and done it was time to ride. Now let me tell you it was dark and late and a little dewy out side. No helmet, no jacket, no gloves but all excitement. As i pulled around the house in the grass it felt a little nervous as i was sideways but when i hit the driveway and all i could see were the leaves in the trees, i knew i made some good choices on performance. The Deer Slayer was alive and finally ran like it should. MEAN!

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