Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Torino Time

---> Its may now and i have been slacking with the torino project and its time to get moving. The other day i was at my buddy Pauls house helpin out with the motor change in the Chevelle when i got the erge to work on my own hotrod. So far i have the motor almost done. It's been cleaned, painted Blue, new gaskets all the way through, freeze plugs, lifters, heads have been ported, new fuel pump, finned valve covers and Billet HEI distributer. I have bought the motor mounts but still need headers, carb, alt/power steering brackets, radiator, and im sure lots more when i get down to it. So far this week i have moved the car over to the house so i can pull the 351m and finnish the engine bay (welding the heater filler panel and firewall misc holes) . I still need to install the shift kit in the tranny before the install.
---> The Deer slayer dr 650 has also gotten a two bros diffuser for the can and it works great. More power and a little quieter.........Sweet.

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