Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stand Still

---> A few days ago i realized with a little help from a friend (Paul) that i was being a bitch and that i NEED to get this car moving so i decided this was the day to get it done. First off i was having one of those days that you just cant win meaning you set stuff down and ........Gone! "Cant find it? But its here somewhere. I just had it in my hand. What the HELL!" Any way this is how it went down....

  1. Load tranny into small trailer and drag to the drive way with the mower.
  2. Set bell houng bolts on the front fender of the car so i Wont loose them.
  3. Load the motor into the same small trailer and hook up lots of tiedowns so it doesnt roll out.
  4. Drag that up to the driveway.
  5. Drag the Cherrypicker up.
  6. Spend 20 min looking for missing sockets from set.
  7. Push the car back 8 ft by hand.
  8. Set motor down from trailer onto old car tire and prop the tranny up with floorjack to align torque converter.
  9. Check the shop,floor,driveway,grass,kitchen,porch for bellhousing bolts that i put on the fender before i started.
  10. SWEAR at everything and then notice the bolts sitting in broad daylight infront of me on the fender!
  11. Rotate motor till the splines on the torque converter line up and insert bolts.
  12. Jack the motor/tranny to the sky with the Cherrypicker and devise a plan to move this heavy combo to and in the car(equally heavy) in the dirt.
  13. Jack the motor even higher and push the car to it.
  14. Slowly release the valve in the Cherrtpicker and rotate the motor into its new home.
  15. Yay! it worked with a little tailshaft help from the floorjack.
  16. "Now just set it back and....."
  17. "BITCH!"
  18. The fancy Meldon oilpan does not fit the damn car...
----> Well it seems the oil pan is just too big so im stuck selling it and looking for a stock one to make it work so its gonna be another week till she gets touched. :-(

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  1. Yeahh i got the mounts in and the headers on. Now time for driveshaft, tranny lines, radiator, distributer, wires, misc and then.....LET THE SMOKE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!