Friday, November 5, 2010

Torino Update

--->New oil pan, another set of motor mounts and..... The motor is in the car! Headers are on and now ive hit a new road block call motovation. Here in western ny the days start getting shorter and so does my eagerness to get stuff done. The plow truck has a blown tranny line, my civic needs e-brake cables and tires swapped, all the vehicles need antifreeze flushed, oil changes, and the list goes on. What do you do when you just dont want to monkey with shit in the cold rain when its dark outside. So today i will divert to my primitave state and work on the shop downstairs and hopfully get my shit and all the other projects together.
--->In other news, the Ranchero got some new Shoes! We painted the stock steelies blue, found some stock Dog dishes and trim rings and last but not least....BF Goodies all the way around. Raised letters looking good and driving nice again.

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