Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Latta show

--->Every year in june the rochester Street Machines put on a show in greece ny simply known as the "Latta Show". Ive personally been to this show 8 times and it only gets better. This year looked to be sketchy as the sky filled with clouds and started pissin a little in the morning but by 10am it seemed to hold off for the show. I had to work a little but skipped out a little early so i could take little man "Mr T" to the show and try to teach him a little something about the lifestyle. By lifestyle i mean how to be a car guy. At one point during the show i stopped to check out a little bobber built that was being raffled off for the "fallen Heros" on sept 11. While filling out my info and payin the dude on of the burly lookin bicker guys ask Lil man if he wanted to sit on his bike. As the lillte guy looked at me with a little fear in his eye i thought about my own childhood and how sitting on a bike at 7 years old would have made my day but i was around them as long as i can remember, which is more than i can say about "Mr T". As a dink (dual income-no-kids) i try to teach any young kid i come across the art of being a man the way i see it by introducing them to cars,bikes and anything metal. When "Mr T" was 3 i remember him sitting on the tank of my Zx9 as we did laps around the block and he seemed to love it but what happend? I guess i let him down in the sence that i left him to his video games as i did my own thing. ....... THis seems to be getting off track a little so back to the car show. The biker dudes ivited me to come to the club house sometime and i left it at " Ill be there to pick up new ride when i win "!! A few laughs later and off to the rest of the show. The chrome and great paint jobs are everywhere but it takes something unique to get this guy off.
---> This things nuts. Chop top muscle car? Tubs, cage and a motor to push it down the track make this thing on my list of winners!
--> Next up is the Jaggster! Now i have to say im not a but jag guy but shove a jag v12 in a roadster and youve got my vote!
---> Real deal award goes to this cat for his strange build. As i talked to this guy i got the feeling hes a little off as he seemed to glow a little while he told me about the build. First startnig life as a late 80s chevy s10 this thing now has an old dodge cab and way to many mods to remember. The guy uses it as his daily driver and drives thing all over, even to Jalopy drags where he scooped up a nice trophy this year. Congrats!
--->Anyway thats it for today and i hope you got your fix whith these machines and please check out the side bar for more show pics!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Food Loin Show 2011

----> Every April my wife and i head down to Charlotte N.C. to partake in the madness known as the FoodLion Auto Fair. This has to be the biggest swapmeet/show on the east coast. The famed Nascar oval is loaded up with some of the baddest cars and trucks while the infield and outter grass lot are all swap meet venders. This year featured some great cars and even better deals. Lets get on to the cars..........--->Chevy Corvair. Custom body kit, lowered, interier, roll bar, rims, big brakes, huge v8 pushed forward and some sexy red paint. Great car!
---->1st gen Camaro. Tubbed, engine bay shave, interior, BBC blown, turbo's ( two ), Nos, roll cage , Parachute and again sexy red. Nasty nasty...

--->Murder Cobra Kitster. It's a kit so who cares about spec other than its Black!!!!!
---> Chevy Belair Wagon. Slammed, chrome, rims, surf board on top and full of "Cali" style!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome to the family!

--->I would like to formally introduce to you all the newest member of the Family.......Maverick. He was born in 1970 and has had a fairly easy life mostly in a barn. He's kinda a plain guy (170 i6 ,auto, bench seat, one legger) but has some good taste. He wears lots of red including his red plad undies and some shiny new shoes. ---Welcome little buddy, we been waiting for you!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The hatch

---> Well the Hatch has been looking for attention this month and it got some. This started off with a low idle and an engine like coming on and has ended with a bunch of spent money hunting down a phantom. First timing belt because cam position sensor code went off and it was loose as hell then i read up a little more on that p1381 code and everyone says coil can set this off and Honda coils are week anyway. New performance coil...... still acting up so then i hear theres a Cylinder pos sensor in the distro but you need to buy a new distro to replace. New distro installed with new coil then did a Valve adjust for the hell of it and....... still messed up idle but at least lights not coming on. At this point im going to install a new fuel filter for the hell of it and going to look into the throttle pos sensor and idle control valve and see where we stand.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reality Check

---> This month was a tough one for the Hatch. For a while now there has been a problem with the ignition switch and the car shutting off for a second every now and again while driving down the road. To my surprise the other day the engine light came on and the car wouldn't idle for crap! A short trip to Advance Auto for a freebie code reading came to a vague prognosis of and "Engine Management Malfunction". What the hell is that? The red shirt claimed that was most likely my computer about to quit but i didn't believe so i cleared the code and off i went. About two days later the came back on. Shit! This time i went to another Advance for a freebie reading and this time it shot a "Cam Position Sensor" code. Its amazing how sometimes a little light goes off in your head and you remember that you are way overdue on a timing belt change. "But I'm only about 15,000-20,000 over due" ...shit. So after about $100 in parts and an afternoon free from work i was ready to do this. Cars on jacks (in the snow), front wheel is off along with lower belly pan and valve cover compressor full and tools in hand. Now for a little history on the car, i bought it from a friend at 100,000 about 5 years ago and almost immediately went to change the belt but noticed it had just been done with a fresh Napa belt so i decided not to do it again and packed the belt away for another day. So on this great snowy day that have put aside to change this damn thing, as i sat on the cold ground, i spent about 2 hours trying to remove the crank bolt free with no avail. I tried heat, impact with 150psi, hammer, breaker bar and at some point most of these at the same time. Nothing. I couldn't leave the belt slapping all over so i adjusted the tensioner a little more and butted everything back up. The next day i took the car to my step dads house and tried his impact with 190psi and nothing, would not budge! Last try i decided to stop by a place called Waye motors and see what they can do. The guy at the counter said "We got over 200psi and if we let it rip it'll break the head off the bolt". Do it! as the tech swaggered out to the car i told him about my day and with a smirk he was rolling it on the rack. From the office i could here some banging before the tech came back out and said that bolt wasn't moving.
Tech: "I just put a 3 foot bar on it and nothin"

Me: "Did you hit it with that impact of yours"

Tech: "My impact puts out 600 foot pounds of torque"
Tech: "Thats gonna tear that bolt apart and your balancer will fall off"

Me: "Yeah but if you dont get it off im going to drop that belt in the next couple days and scat my motor so whats the differance"

Tech: "Alright"

-->So the tech heads back through that door and i hear some more noise and the impact roaring but with no luck. This time the other fellow heads back and i hear an air chisle then the impact the some more noise. After a minute of quiet i hear the impact again and some cheering. That sob got it free with a lot of determination and some air tools. I got her home and after about thirty minutes she was running like a dream and even....Idles well now. Note to self: Use a deep socket without an elbow or extention because they rob power for an impact.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


---> 2011 is here and is gonna be a good one! This year i WILL get the torino on the road and it WILL leave some rubber around the neighborhood. Plans are in the works for 2011 Foodlion show in Charlotte along with All Ford Carlisle and maybe even a little Lancaster Dragway for some fun! Lets kick it off and leave the law where they belong........ In the rear view!
P.S. The Sha-dub is under primer the lovely Carrie is workin on her pinstriping skills.........