Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The hatch

---> Well the Hatch has been looking for attention this month and it got some. This started off with a low idle and an engine like coming on and has ended with a bunch of spent money hunting down a phantom. First timing belt because cam position sensor code went off and it was loose as hell then i read up a little more on that p1381 code and everyone says coil can set this off and Honda coils are week anyway. New performance coil...... still acting up so then i hear theres a Cylinder pos sensor in the distro but you need to buy a new distro to replace. New distro installed with new coil then did a Valve adjust for the hell of it and....... still messed up idle but at least lights not coming on. At this point im going to install a new fuel filter for the hell of it and going to look into the throttle pos sensor and idle control valve and see where we stand.

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