Thursday, April 26, 2012

Roadie intro

Well the day has come and the "Deer Slayer" has left the ranch and know belongs to another family. The decision came after some thought of use and lack there of as it only got like 400 miles put on it since 2009...... not Cool! So the thought came up that i would let it go away and fill its void with a full on off road mx bike but after some though we (both alter egos) came to the conclusion to replace the Deer Slayer with a big cruiser. With the little budget that i have for stuff ill never use i came across an oldschool lookin beaut we shall call "Roadie". This little cutie is a 1999 Yamaha Road Star with a heap of miles on here and a nice set of pipes but mostly stock. Now before i get too deap i must mention that i worked at a Metric shop for a few years that made custom bikes on the side and their victims were mostly Road Stars. Some of these bikes graced the cover of v-twin Mags during the '90s and '00s and even won some awards. So as i searched my now favorite site  search cl entire state i came across this one in a remote town near Erie pa and envisioned an oldschool low, long and loud machine that i can ride the ol'lady on and hopefully stay outta trouble.

First step was to get some cash:
Shine up the deer slayer and post it on cl. Within an hour i had two offers and a guy commin out to look at it. As i was waiting for the one guy to look at at i get a call and another guy will pay me right now what im asking ..... Done. Pack up extra parts and chat for a few and shes gone!

Second step was to get the roadie home:
After a lot of looking around from borrowing a truck to riding it back i found that UHaul rents open motorcycle trailers for $14 a day. Holy shit that's cheap and away we go with Benny riding shotgun.

Third issue was to find a notary in pa:

As i soon found out the state of pa requires that the title gets notarized so the original owner says theres a boat place "up the street" that can do it and they will be there for a little while. Benny and i pack in this guys beat ass Focus and soon find out he needs a wheel bearing, struts, tires, and something smells like a kid drank some milk and pucked it up in the back seat! The roads around his place have no lines and have just made the change from dirt to asphalt and felt like it. As we get to the place and walk in we spy a dumps worth of vintage toys and parts. A little "Hello anyone home" and nothing so we walk to the back shop to find a hobbit of a man and a bunch of cool shit in the shop. first thing that stood out was a fairlane close to mint and an old ford convertible from the 30's. The guy turned out to be cool as hell and hooked me up so back to the house and back on the road with Roadie on the trailer.

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