Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ford Carlisle / York Streetrod show 2012

----> Well i guess its Car show season around here again and its started off with the best. Evey year tons of old fords make their way down to a small town called Carlisle in the righteous state of Pa for a Ford only show. This year was dedicated to the late Carrol Shelby and produced tons of amazing Shelby's from all over. Along with the Shelby reunion they brought in plenty of ford 427 cars from big Galaxies to Gasser comets sporting the infamous Cammer engines. As usual the swap meet was packed with rare ford trinkets and even offer up a 61 Comet hood that we've been looking for. After the show on Saturday we made our way downtown for some grub and awaited the sea of mustangs to embark on the quite town in the form of a parade. Unfortunately i had the times wrong for the parade and we sat around for an hour before the sirens made their howl up the street. As they approached we had an up close and personal view of the new ford police vehicles as they lead one lone, nasty 2013 Shelby Mustang driving by some suits for ford and Shelby. As they made their way up the little main street you could hear these monsters growl and scream as they spun tires and scared kids off the curb. Even got to see a Ford Gt ($ 150,000 Car ) do a burnout in front of a cop as he cheered him on.

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